Fissic Coating

FISSICcoating is a fire retardant coating on the basis of an APEO-free water-based polymer emulsion without the addition of VOC containing solvents.

FISSICcoating is developed for corrosion protection of steel parts in shipbuilding, offshore and industrial installations, especially in installations exposed to high air humidity and/or seawater conditions. The coating also offers a high degree of fire protection and can be used to thermally protect cable and pipe penetrations.


insulation materials

metallic pipes

thermal protection

Corrosion protection

Fissic Coating

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Fissic Coating

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Extensively tested and certified

FISSICcoating has been tested successfully on flame spread characteristics and toxicity and is classed as ”not capable of producing excessive quantity of smoke or toxic product”. MED certificate 39278/A0 EC issued by Bureau Veritas.
FISSICcoating is fire proof and salt water resistance (even after fire). KIWA Netherlands report 20150421HN/01.
FISSICcoating is gas tight 30 mBar.
FISSICcoating is water impermeable.

FISSICcoating improves its thermal insulation properties when exposed to higher temperatures such as generated by a nearby fire

FISSICcoating fire exposure
FISSICcoating protects aluminium
FISSICcoating wall coating


  • FISSICcoating is a fire retardant coating
  • FISSICcoating is fire proof with low flame-spread characteristics
  • FISSICcoating is not capable of producing excessive quantity of smoke
  • FISSICcoating is not capable of producing excessive quantity of toxic product
  • FISSICcoating prevents CUI – corrosion underneath insulation
  • FISSICcoating is salt water resistant (even after fire)
  • FISSICcoating is easy to apply
  • FISSICcoating can be applied without prime
  • FISSICcoating is available as a paint, also as a sprayable paint
  • FISSICcoating is available as a paste, also with a lower density for superior insulation properties
  • FISSICcoating is based on management of fine-structure

available for worldwide markets.

FISSICcoating is delivered in small sized containers up to higher volumes.

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